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At BeautiDoor Cosmetic Clinic, we take great pride in introducing you to the guiding force behind our commitment to excellence. Our Certified Medical Aestheticians with a rich background in medical healthcare, aesthetics, wellness, etc have a passion for wellness, and are dedicated in providing top-tier med spa services. Zunaira plays a pivotal role in our mission to enhance your natural beauty and holistic well-being.

Zunaira is unwavering in her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in all our services. She actively collaborates with our team of professionals, ensuring that every client receives personalized care and experiences the utmost in safety and satisfaction.




At BeautiDoor cosmetic clinic, we’re proud to introduce you to the visionary leader responsible for our commitment to excellence. MZ Malik has extensive experience in business management, a passion for operational efficiency, and a dedication to streamlining administration processes. MZ Malik plays a pivotal role in our mission to help spas run smoothly and deliver exceptional experiences.